02 5 / 2011

John Ford - Director - All American Badass

John Ford - Director - All American Badass

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04 2 / 2011

Kubrick is without question a master. Part of that mastery is realizing what worked before and embracing it. 

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17 12 / 2010

I was drafting up an article on what I feel is the future trajectory of Feature Film distribution, aka the next step after DVD/Blu-Ray. Low and behold that article is now mute, as Paramount today announced their School Of Rock app for Windows Phone 7, with future Apps for GI Joe, Zoolander and more in the future. This is the first step, and for now is only available on a singe platform, but take into account Microsofts XBox 360, PC’s and Windows Media Center and its not hard to imagine a future where you buy one Movie App and are able to access it on all your devices in the appropriate resolutions for each.

What makes this concept great besides the cross platform potential I just mentioned, is the fact that “Apps” are or can be web connected programs and are easily Updated. I can see a future where you buy an App and are given access to updates for new exclusive content, such as Deleted Scenes, concept art etc. The really great thing is that its potential is only limited by developers imaginations. I expect Apple to have a rival platform soon, imagine a Movie App you purchase on your iPhone that you can also watch on your iPad, Apple TV and computer. The foundation is already there with Apples recently released AirPlay functionality.

I cant wait for the other studios to get onboard and really push things forward. Blu Rays are nice but its basically just a High Definition DVD and that feels like a really archaic model nowadays. 



15 12 / 2010

Malick is a cinema god, this trailer is genius. Notice the point of view, always at the perspective of the antagonist, from an infant up to Sean Penn. 

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What now?

What now?

06 12 / 2010

1 Degree of Kevin Bacon, brilliant Google TV commercial

06 12 / 2010

2019: A Future Imagined from Flat-12 on Vimeo.

Syd Mead explains Blade Runner Design, via Gizmodo

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